100,000 Prayers

Flood-the-heavens-with-prayersAttention All Christians in Australia!

We are calling all Christians to be silent no more and cause a tidal wave, storming heaven with our prayers to end abortion in Australia - we believe 2013 is a year for Life Breakthru’.

As we have reflected on the Christmas story recently, let us not forget the Biblical story of the massacre of the innocents.

Read the full story “The Christmas Massacre” here!!!

Let us -

  • Pray for the ending of the abomination of abortion and a stop to the massive shedding of innocent blood around the world.
  • Pray that the hearts of fathers and mothers will turn to the precious lives of their unborn babies so that they will cherish and preserve those lives regardless of the circumstances they face.
  • Pray for our civil authorities that they will see the injustice of abortion and exercise compassion in dealing with this complex issue.

Let us persevere in praying and fasting to end abortion so that one day our sorrow may turn to joy!

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Why should we pray to end abortion?